Albion Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food and Raw Dog Treats

Our main supplier for frozen raw dog foods and treats is Albion Meat Products. They have over 30 years of experience delivering the highest quality products based on the BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet.

Our current range includes the following.

Premium Range

Albion Country Bowl Premium is a raw dog food which consists of mince made from premium cuts of raw meat which are available in 13 tasty varieties to suit even the fussiest of eaters. Some of our raw dog food varieties are complemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. Each variety comes in 454g packs which are easy to store in the freezer.

  • Albion Country Bowl Premium Beef

  • Albion Country Bowl Premium Chicken (includes ground bone).

  • Albion Country Bowl Premium Duck

  • Albion Country Bowl Premium Meaty Feast

  • Albion Country Bowl Premium Lamb

  • Albion Country Bowl Premium Rabbit

  • Albion Country Bowl Premium Tripe

  • Albion Country Bowl Premium Turkey

  • Albion Country Bowl Premium Venison


Complete Range

Albion Country Bowl Complete is complete raw dog food available in 454g packs and contains premium mince and tasty vegetables and fruit all combined in one meal. The raw meals contain the vitamins and minerals that any dog would need for an active and healthy life.

  • Complete Puppy

  • Complete Chicken

Freeflow Range

Albion Country Bowl Freeflow range is a raw dog food available in 2kg bags, containing premium mince which has been specially frozen to allow you to portion out how much you need for your dog and then place the rest back in the freezer. It is excellent for feeding smaller dogs in particular as you will not have to defrost a whole pack avoiding any wastage.

  • Freeflow Beef

  • Freeflow Chicken

Frozen Treats

Bones contain Calcium and Phosphorus which are important for strong bones and teeth.

  • Raw Shanks

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