Red Dingo Collars

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Gleadless Pet Store stocks a comprehensive range of Red Dingo matching collars and leads.

The stylish Red Dingo dog collar is made with premium nylon webbing, solid stainless steel D-rings and the trademark (RedDingo) buckle bone side release buckle.

The bucklebone is engineered in acetal plastic and really adds that designer detail.

Red Dingo Dog Collar | Classic Purple
Red Dingo Dog Collar | Classic Purple

Red Dingo dog collars are made from high density fray proof tough woven nylon again for durability and reduced wear and tear.

Red Dingo Dog collars are available in x small (ideal for puppies), small, medium and large sizes.

Key Benefits

  • 100% quality guaranteed

  • Stylish nlyon webbing material

  • Fully adjustable

  • Strength, durability and functionality

Collar Sizing to help you fit the right collar to your dog:

  • X Small - 12mm x 20-32cm (best for puppies)

  • Small - 15mm x 24-37cm

  • Medium - 20mm x 30-47cm

  • Large - 25mm x 41-63cm

Collar colours include:

  • Classic Red

  • Classic Black

  • Classic Green

  • Classic Pink

  • Classic Purple

  • Classic Grey

  • Classic Turquoise

  • Classic Orange

Don't forget you can order your Red Dingo Tags from us too. Details here.


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